Volunteering at Community Living Greater Sudbury



Volunteer Recreation Supports: 


Goals and Objectives:
• To increase social and interaction skills.
• To increase Community access and awareness                    
• To enhance daily living skills.
• To become more independent.
• To foster good sportsmanship and increase self-esteem.
• To offer respite to families.


CLGS Recreation Program offers a variety of activities such as bowling, activities at the Drop-in Center, sports and fitness, dances as well as christmas Parties.

To become involved in our recreation program, please contact Tracy at 671-7181 ext. 212 or email TGirard@clgs.ca



Join our group of volunteers and enjoy a variety of activities:
• Drivers
• Fundraising events
• Awareness booths
• BBQ’s - cook
• Helper in our Drop-In Centers
• Board Member

You can enrich the lives of the people we support in so many ways!

For more information on Volunteering with Community Living Greater Sudbury/Integration Communautaire Grand Sudbury, please contact Leighton at 671-7181 ext. 211 or email  LTRoslyn@clgs.ca

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