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The Family Home Program is an alternative to group home living. It allows each individual to become a thriving member of his or her community. We seek a variety of families or individuals (Home Providers) who will welcome and embrace someone (home sharers) into their family and provide them with love, support, care, encouragement and a family bond. We have also supported adults living independently in their community.
Our goal is to locate, match-up and then assist both parties in getting together to function as a ‘family home’, one that embodies the true family spirit. For some individuals, family home will become a permanent address. For others, it may serve as a stepping stone to a relatively independent life within the community.
Family home can provide a place to develop positive relationships, enhance social and life skills as well as allow them the opportunity to become a more active member of the community. A team of caseworkers ensure the coordination of specialized services such as medical, respite, community links, etc., for the homesharers and providers.
Objectives of the Family Home Program:
1. To help individuals experience family life
2. To assist individuals in becoming active community members
3. To support individual needs
4. To encourage and support healthy relationships
5. To help individuals gain a sense of belonging
6. To assist in gradual process to independence living
 Please watch the Family Home Video at:
Family Home Program Awareness
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