Consumer Rights


 CLGS respects the following legislated rights of all consumers:


  • Right to be protected from physical and emotional abuse
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to be treated with respect, dignity and to be addressed by your proper name
  • Right to complain about services to a staff or supervisor or anyone else you trust
  • Right to access information e.g.: counselling
  • Right to vote
  • Right to send and receive mail that is viewed only by you
  • Right to ask and receive prompt medical/dental care and treatment
  • Right to question and refuse any treatment including behaviour management procedures, medications or counselling services
  • Right to wear clothing of your choice and keep your possessions
  • Right to receive legal services if needed or when requested
  • Right to be informed of community supports/activities
  • Right to choose vocational work or other alternative e.g. drop in or other day support options that are available
  • Right to plan food menu and to refuse foods of your choice
  • Right to enter into contract agreements. Contracts must be clear re: who is responsible for what
  • Right to access information compiled about you
  • Right to have your information kept confidential and only be shared when you give consent
  • Right to have and maintain relationships with your family and friends
  • Right to intimacy as long as mutual consent is obtained and ther ight of freedom to express our sexual orientation
  • Right to reasonable shelter with own bed
  • Right to access, manage or have a say about how to spend your money
  • Right to participate in leisure and recreationa activities in the community
  • Right to be free from discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Right to lead and participate in your Life Plans
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